The Cannabis Dream: Building your own online dispensary!

Now that you have all of your growers, vendors, and branding all sorted it is time to build your store!

After months and months of branding iterations and product choices, it is time for you to build a cannabis website. These are a few critical elements that you need to take into consideration while building your store.

Have a dialedĀ inbound marketing strategy:

Understand and research the basics of Search Engine Optimization for cannabis. In the beginning stages of your business you will be doing this yourself in order to keep your overhead costs down.

Have captivating product descriptions:

Your product is beautiful. It might actually be the most gorgeous product in any industry in the world. Cannabis is a beautiful thing. So, make sure that your product descriptions speak the truth and do your plants justice.

Hint: the cannabis community is very active and vocal so they will let you know if you are not giving enough credit to your products.

Make sure your product photography is stunning:

Similar to the product descriptions, make sure you shoot stunning photography. There are hundred of free and paid online editor tools for photography so that you can be hands on with the aesthetic of your store while keeping that crucial overhead spending low.

On-site customer service:

This is the first time in history that cannabis will be accepted in mainstream society. The influx of new users will be staggering so make sure you are there to aid them through your buying process and through explaining the many benefits of the cannabis plant. After all, cannabis is a medicine.

Things that are only relevant to the Cannabis industry:

  1. You need a custom domain so that people know it is your unique business that they can trust
  2. You need patient verification modules in order to protect yourself with legalities
  3. You need a Point of Sale system in order to merge your online customer base with your retail store customer base
  4. You need online ordering with delivery management for third party couriers
  5. You need to be able to customize your online store in order for your company branding to flourish and have some clout
  6. Your site needs to be customizable so that your brand can show off its unique personality!