How to Make Sure Your Customers Know You Exist

With the current website solutions available to cannabis entrepreneurs, building a cannabis website is harder said than done. In order to build a cannabis website, forward thinking entrepreneurs and industry leaders have been forced to either hack existing platforms in order to achieve the functionality that they need OR they are forced to build custom sites which can be costly and timely – inevitably, both are hindrances if you want to get to market quick!

There are handy website building tools available like Squarespace and WordPress, but those types of global networks can not stand behind a marijuana oriented business because of a conflict between international and federal regulations and public perception.

The amazing thing about launching your very own cannabis website in the early stages of cannabis legalization is that you will then become one of the leaders of the pack when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers, you will gain valuable insight into the online world of cannabis that not even medicinal dispensaries and Licensed Producers have, and you will learn a lot about your own personal perseverance and determination because it is not an easy task to launch an online dispensary into a world of the unknown.

One of the most essential parts of growing your business is referral marketing. You will spend hundred of hours building your brand and cannabis website so it is essential to make sure that your customers are referring their networks to your site.

Why is referral marketing so powerful?

Trust is the essence of conversion and growth. Just like in a personal relationship, if you don’t trust your best friend then they will not be your bestfriend for much longer. In the business world, if you do not trust your marijuana provider, you will never buy from them again. Word-of-mouth and referrals means that one of your customers was happy enough to share their experience with those who trust them.